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Kalki Koechlin Opens Up About Her 17 Hour Labour

Feb 12 , 2020

Last week actress Kalki Koechlin was blessed with a baby girl. The couple has named their daughter Sappho. They shared a few lovely pictures of a baby girl on social media to make the announcement.

Throughout her pregnancy, the actress received applause for her inspirational take on birthing and pregnancy. All through the nine months, she was open about her decision to have a water birth and also discussed the same. Waterbirth is opting for a natural delivery in a pool of water. We applaud the actor’s move.

The actress invested her time in learning the techniques with natural birth and she had a challenging and intensive labor, which lasted for 17 hours.

Talking about the same, Kalki said that she had nothing but gratitude for her doctors, who guided her through the journey.

She thanked the team of doctors who helped her with this. She posted a thankyou note for all of them:

She wrote:

So thankful to the whole team at Tulip Women’s Care and to my to doctors @docsheetalsabharwal and @drrvpunjabi who simply refused to give up on me even when after 17 hours I was so tired I begged them to take the baby out anyway they could and they said no, you’ve come this far and you’re going to have your natural waterbirth, and an hour later Sappho was born. You guys are miracle workers!

We must say that Kalki was lucky enough to have such a supportive team of doctors who helped her ease the fear and pain through exhausting 17-hour labor.

Although, women have full rights to go for their preferable birth. The increasing number of cesarean births is shifting the focus away from natural birth and labor. C-sec births are often also termed “convenient” with the ease they offer. Hence, there is also considerable pressure on doctors from the patients to schedule surgical births and opt-out of natural births.

What is the concern?

We know that labor and delivery are hard and painful. Apart from the fear of laboring for longer hours, many women are also worried due to the bad experiences of others and opt for C-section.

Is there any harm?

Caesarian deliveries are not unhealthy or bad. However, C-section births were medically reserved for only emergencies. But, with the increasing trend of convenient and timely births, many consider it to be the easier way out.

C-section moms have to deal with their stomachs cut, which render them flat on the bed for the next three-four days while waiting for their milk supply to kick in.

C-sec babies are born healthy, but the risk of infection for mother is slightly higher and the recovery time is longer as well.

Few studies also suggest that in some cases, c-sec births also raise the risk of UTIs, respiratory infections and potentially, put your baby at risk of developing early breathing problems and impact their brain health.

Every mother should think about how she wants to bring her baby in this world but we would like to thank Kalki, for inspiring women.

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