Funny Things Almost every Kid Tells Their Teachers

Sep 04 , 2020

Almost every kid has a set of excuses or answers ready that are totally illogical. Therefore on the occasion of Teachers day let’s recall some of such funny things that almost every kid tells their Teachers.

1- Ma’am, I was not able to do my homework because my mom asked me to go and sleep early.

2- Mam I wish you were my mom!

3- My mom has gone out of India so please come and stay with us.

4- Mam do you also drink beer like my mom?

5- I know the spelling of my Mother’s name. It’s MOM but I can’t take my father’s name.

6- My mom dad fights every day.

7- I don’t understand in the class but will surely come first.

8- Ma’am I was not talking, he was disturbing me. I was reading what you have written on the board.

9- Mam my Uncle says your mam is very beautiful.

10- I don’t get my lunch because I want to eat others.

11- I did all the work but my younger brother tore my book.

12-  I will be on holiday tomorrow because my mom says I will be unwell tomorrow.

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