Are Children At Higher Risk of Corona Virus?

Mar 11 , 2020

The recently discovered Corona Virus has wreaked havoc on the entire population of humans and has become a global problem. People around the world are being instructed to take strict care of their hygiene and anyone who is showing even the earliest symptoms of COVID-19 disease is being taken under observation. 

It starts as a mild illness and general symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, coughing and runny nose which can further cause respiratory problems. 

 Out of 44,000 confirmed cases reported in China, only 1 percent of the mentioned number included children below 9 years of age. Also, no deaths were reported in this age group. 

So are your children at major risk of contracting the Corona Virus? According to currently available data, chances are less and here is why 

Why children are less likely to contract the infection?

The reason is still not clearly known but could be due to the following three reasons:

  • Less exposure to the virus
  • Less number of children being infected
  • Less number of children developing symptoms 

Another important question here is, are children completely safe from this virus?

It can’t be said for sure as children can also be the carrier of this infection. They may play a critical role in the transmission of this infection. People staying in close contact with children having the symptoms are at risk of contracting the infection. 

The best way to ensure that COVID-19 does not spread is by preventing community spread, in the absence of any treatment or vaccine. There is no evidence that antiviral therapies are effective in curing COVID-19. It is best to take necessary precautions.

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