Baby Shower Gifting Ideas

Aug 04 , 2020

The expecting parents are sure to be overwhelmed by the arrival of a new family member in the house and a baby shower party is a must. Attending and joining family and friends in a celebration is always fun but deciding a gift is  a difficult task. According to me when it comes to a baby shower gift you should buy something useful  so to make your task easier of picking the right right , we bring you  few options

  • Newborn clothing set

This is one of the perfect gift options for a baby shower as it has clothes that can be used for the infant. While buying clothing set you can look for beautiful designs and colors, also ensure the material is soft.

  • Baby carrier

Source : blooming Bath

Source : blooming Bath

New parents require a baby carrier to carry the baby anywhere and everywhere comfortably. Make sure yiu check the quality of the product else it can be risky for th little one.

  • Fashionable diaper bag

Source Walmart Canada

Source Walmart Canada

With baby you have to carry loads of things like diapers, wipes, extra pair of clothes and much more so you can gift her a fashionable and stylish diaper bag which she can carry while going out. Look for a bag that has different portions and pockets to keep items in an organized manner.

  • Baby crib

A soft and comfy sleep crib for the infant. is also a good idea. There are other baby bedding too available in the market  so you can even pick that.

  • Baby car seat

Source Rediff Shopping

Source Rediff Shopping

To help the new parents take their kid around in a car, you can gift them a comfortable and stylish baby car seat which ensures proper safety of the newborn kid..

  • Activity gym

Source Block Island Babysitters

Source Block Island Babysitters

It is a play mat with toys, wind chime and other various things hanging over the mat, to keep the child engaged. The base is a soft quilt which is comfortable for the kid. The new parents will surely love this useful gift.


Photo Album

You can even pick a photo album and record book for the baby.

Bath Bather

It is very useful gift as the parents can safely and securely bathe their newborn in comfort.

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