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Bad Habits in Kids that Parents Must Break

Feb 08 , 2021

Children develop bad habits and if they do it repeatedly it becomes a habit. Usually children often grasp bad habits quickly which hamper their normal mental and physical growth.Because of their bad impact on children, parents need to encourage kids to quit these habits as soon as possible. Though there are many bad habits but we list some of the common ones habits that parents must break:

·    Nail biting

Many kids bite their nails when they feel nervous and tensed and slowly it becomes their habit. They start doing it normally as well so keep your child’s nails clean, trimmed and tell them to use stress ball when they feel like biting nails. 

·   Thumb sucking

Some kids suck their thumbs when they are sleepy or tired as it gives them a comfortable feeling. You need to check on this habit as soon as possible as might result in pain or infection of the thumb and dental problems.

·  Binge eating

Because of easy availability and too much variety of snacks, many kids get the habit of eating even when they are not hungry so replace snacks with fruits or salad.

·  Lip chewing

Children start lip biting and chewing when they have cracked lips so apply lip balm on their lips.

·  Touching private body parts

This is a really bad habit so teach your kids about body parts and ask them to not do this in public place.

·  Nose picking in public

Tell them it is a bad thing to do and ask them to clean their nose with a tissue paper.  

·   Using bad language

Children easily pick up bad language and they feel it is the right thing to do so teach them not to use such abusive words. You need to break this habit as soon as possible and also avoid using abusive words in front of them.

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