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Basic Bottle Feeding Tips

Feb 08 , 2021

Shifting babies to bottle feeding from breastfeeding can be a really difficult task, sometimes the baby might just refuse. We all know breastfeeding is important but due to some reasons babies need to get bottle feed. There is a lot more to bottle feeding than just mixing the powder with water into the bottle. Since bottle-feeding involves a different sucking movement than breastfeeding so if you are starting bottle feeding for your breastfed baby, it may take him a little while to get familiar with this change. But before you start bottle feeding your child, here are some basic tips for it:

  • Check the bottle

Before buying the bottles and nipples ensure that they are not cracked or destroyed. Check that there is no dent in the bottle. We recommend you to choose a good quality bottle.

  • Keep it personal

The way breastfeeding helps you bond with your child, bottle feeding can also give the little one same comfort and warmth. This can be done through eye contact, skin contact, and your smell. So talk, cuddle and enjoy your quiet time together.

  • Let someone else bottle feed the baby

Source Baby Steps

Source Baby Steps

Ask someone else from the family to bottle feed your baby, so that they can also get the pleasure of bonding with the baby. It is time for natural bonding with the baby, and you can rest as well.

  • Choose the right nipple

In order to make bottle feeding easy, we suggest you use a bottle with a nipple that imitates your breast and the flow is also not very much.

  • Check the temperature of the milk

Before offering the milk to the baby always check the temperature of the milk, it should neither be too hot nor too cold. To check the temperature of the milk pour few drops of it on your palm. If making formula check the water temperature.

  • Burp halfway

While drinking from the bottle babies tend to swallow a lot of air, so take a break and make it a habit for your baby to burp in halfway through the feeding process. This will avoid stomach pain

SourceNew Born Baby

SourceNew Born Baby

  • Change the bottle frequently

Keep changing the bottles every few months as old bottles might cause infection.

How to correctly hold the bottle?

To make your baby comfortable hold him close to yourself, in your arms, and Hold the bottle in angular position so that the child can suck milk easily. Make eye contact while bottle feeding him so that he feels good.

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