Benefits of Silver Utensils for Babies

Sep 01 , 2020

Wondered why is silver preferred as a gifting option during various ceremonies related to baby or even pregnant mommies? Silver spoons, silver cups, silver glasses and silverbowls are a popular gifting items for newly born as feeding babies in silverware has following benefits.

1. Antibacterial properties

As per some studies, it is believed that silver products are bacteria-free and hence our elders advise us to feed babies in silverware. By doing this the food can be protected from harmful bacteria. Also, it removes the need to sterilize the utensils in advance.

2. Improves immunity in babies

As explained above that bacteria stays away from silverware. So, if bacteria is removed the infections that interfere with the health of the body can be avoided. The silverware’s bacteria fighting properties helps in boosting the immunity in babies and hence new mothers are advised to feed the babies with a silver spoon.

Source: Ayurveda and Yoga

3. It is non-toxic

Unlike plastic, silver has non-toxic properties. It is said that silverware is non-toxic because of the treatment it undergoes during the time of its making procedure. Eating in silverware is considered healthy because it does not have oxidation that can harm the body.

4. Keeps the food fresh

It is believed that silver retains and restores the freshness of foods and drinks stored in it. In earlier times the kings and other royal people used to store water and wine in silver utensils to retain their texture.

5. It has cooling effects

One of the important properties that silver has is maintaining the body temperature. Silver made utensils have a cooling effect on the body. Silver plate’s cooling effect on the body can help smooth digestion and help the body’s metabolic system.

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