Best soaps you can buy for your new born

Best Soaps For Newborns

Sep 30 , 2019

Infants skin is very sensitive and needs maximum care. Cleaning babies with plain water is safe, but using mild baby soaps will also not cause any harm. There is a huge variety of baby soaps to choose from, so it becomes hard to decide which one to pick with almost all the soaps with the terms “organic” and “natural” stamped on them.  So we tell you few good bets

Weleda Calendula Soap

Weleda Calendula Soap has only the organic ingredients like calendula and chamomile flower extracts that moisturize baby’s skin softly.

Nurture My Body Baby Bar Soap

Nurture, My Body Baby Bar Soap is a gentle, moisturizing soap,  free of artificial ingredients like sodium lauryl, Paraben and phthalates. It has only the certified organic ingredients with a pleasant fragrance and isn’t harsh on the baby’s skin. The soap gently cleans the skin, leaving it soft and fresh.

Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Bar Soap

This soap is best for the kids with allergies, as it has no fragrance at all. It contains natural ingredients and is less drying than other soaps for newborn babies in the market.

Wild Natural Baby Happy Baby Organic Soap

It is a rich antioxidant soap for babies. It has ingredients like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin C and hibiscus natural facial serum that is beneficial for baby’s skin. It also helps in re-establishing the lost moisture from the baby’s skin. This soap takes away the skin roughness, dryness and makes the baby skin charming and soft.

Johnson’s Baby Bar

Best soaps you can buy for your new born

Source- Johnson’s

Johnson and Johnson is back with a new formulation which cleanses and moisturizes the skin gently. It is very safe for babies with any skin type as it contains no coloring agent or harmful chemical.

Druide Calming Baby Soap

Druide Calming Baby Soap has calcium, vitamins, and amino acids, which calms and protects the delicate skin of infants for hours. The brand also claims to make the soaps one by one, which describes the unique shape of each bar.

Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar

If your baby has an extremely sensitive skin, then Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar is the best for him/her. It has a pH balance of 5.5, which protects the texture of the baby’s skin. It has wheat germ oil along with the goodness of amino acid and vitamin. It also helps in the rejuvenation of the skin.

Pigeon Transparent Baby Soap Hypoallergenic

It has squalane, ceramide and other natural ingredients that clean the baby’s skin thoroughly and also  aids rashes and other skin irritations. It contains jojoba oil, which calms and softens the skin.

Burt’s Bees

Soap is 99.9% natural and will super clean their skin and also make it soft and smooth too.

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