Causes Of Ear Infection In Infants

Jun 21 , 2021

Ear infections are the second most commonly diagnosed illness in children and 23 percent of babies suffer at least one ear infection by their first birthday. It can be caused by bacteria or a virus and happens when fluid builds up in the area behind baby’s eardrum and then becomes infected. Some of the common symptoms are vomiting, foul smell, difficulty in sleeping , fluid from ear.

Now that you know the cause and symptoms here are some guidelines on how to keep the ear infection away from your munchkin

  • Boost Immunity: Mother’s milk provides increased natural immunity so don’t hesitate to breastfeed the kid as long as possible.
  • Use Sanitizer: Always use a sanitizer or wash hands before picking the baby and tell the same to others to.
  • Bottle-feed upright: If your baby takes bottle feed then make sure you feed baby in an upright position and keep her upright at least 30 minutes afterward.
  • Keep allergens at bay: Try to keep stuffed and real animals and other fuzzy things at bay from the little one. Also keep the baby away from people suffering with colds, flu or sore throats.
  • Steer clear of secondhand smoke. Kids who are exposed to cigarette smoke get more ear infections as it irritates mucous membranes and damages tiny hairs in the middle ear
  • Pacifiers: Studies show a correlation between the frequency of pacifier use and ear infections so try to limit pacifier use only when required.
  • Kid’ll outgrow it: Don’t worry as your child grows, the eustachian tube will become longer and narrow making it more difficult for germs and fluid to collect in the middle ear.

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