Causes of hyperactivity in children

Causes of Hyperactivity in Children

Oct 05 , 2020

In today’s time most of the parents are dealing with the problem of hyperactive behavior in their children. But do you know from diet to daily activities everything plays an important role in maintaining your kid’s level of hyperactivity. So if you get the roots of any problem on time then nothing is impossible so here are some of the major causes of hyperactivity in children:


Causes of hyperactivity in children

Small children are too sensitive and things happening around them have a strong impact on their mind. So, it’s important that you always keep an optimistic atmosphere at home. Many times reasons like shifting to a new place, observing relationship problems at home and not having good friends also make them upset and stressed up.

Mental disturbance

Children who are too emotional suffer from mental health problems which end up in evoking anxiety and ultimately the child becomes hyperactive. In many cases kids who have faced a traumatized phase, or have a fear of something also have a trouble in sitting still.  In such a case a proper treatment and good counselor helps.

Improper diet


Many people have a misconception that diet does not have any effect on the children’s hyperactive nature but that’s not true. A good diet plays a major role in maintaining a balanced level in your child’s nature. A food item which has high content of sugar is really harmful for them and too much of junk food also causes high stage of hyperactivity.

Physical health problems

Along with mental issues even the physical health problems affect a child’s hyperactive nature. This may include genetic issues which result in anxiety and can also reach to the peak of risk where a kid does not know how to control it. So, in this case the best you can do is just go and see good doctor and take proper treatment to make sure that everything gets fine.

Over exerted

Causes of hyperactivity in children

Getting too much tired is also a reason why kids are hyperactive; not sleeping properly makes kids too irritating. They should take proper rest and feel fresh so that they can stay calm and don’t waste their energy unnecessarily. In case your child has a problem in sleeping at time then you can also use tricks to overcome it.

Lack of physical activity

Nowadays most of the children are gadget freak they sit and play at home but outdoor games has its own perks. Children should go out and play games that involve running, jumping, cycling, walking etc, this makes them healthy and they use their time and enthusiasm in something productive.

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