CBSE Exams: Ways to Make Revision Easier

Feb 05 , 2021

The date sheets for classes 10 and 12 have been released by the Central Board of Secondary Education. According to the date sheet, the board exams for class 10 and 12 will begin on May 4 and will end on June 7 and June 10 for class 10 and 12 respectively. The date sheet has been disclosed three months before the exams so that students get enough time to prepare. If you are appearing for boards this year, here are some tips for you to make preparation and revision easier. Check out the tips below

  • Allot time for every subject

Make sure you pay attention to every subject. You can divide the time by revision one chapter for each subject everyday or all chapters of one subject in a day. You can also start revising with the subjects that you are already good at. This will boost your self confidence. 

  • Revise the important topics 

You must revise the entire syllabus, but mark the important ones and revise them thoroughly. The important topics are the ones that have more weightage of marks. 

  • Practice old papers

Once you are done with the syllabus, practice solving old question papers. You will get to know the pattern of the paper as well. This also helps you in managing your time better when you appear for the actual exam.

  • Do yoga and meditation to relax

Take out 10-20 minutes every morning and do some yoga. Moving your body can help get more productive. Try to use your cell phone less as it might tire your mind and eyes.

  • Take small breaks while studying 

Studying for long hours is what every student does in exams but taking breaks is equally important. Taking a small break for you can be very helpful. Taking a nap will also help you feel energised and refresh your mind. 

Also eat healthy as unhealthy food can lead to gastric issues because of which you won’t be able to concentrate on studies.

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