Clarifying Some Myths About Nebulisation

Jun 01 , 2021

A nebulizer is a device that converts liquid medicine into a mist so that it is easier to inhale. The mechanism of nebulizer is such that the air is pressurized and passed along a narrow tube that changes the liquid into a mist. It is very commonly used to administer medicines to young children but many parents are skeptical about the usage of nebulizer due to myths associated.

Here are some common myths associated with the usage of nebulizer and the truth behind them.

It can cause addiction

It is commonly believed that taking medicines through a nebulizer can cause addiction. The medicines are prescribed by doctors and can also be had orally. Apart from that, there is no component in the device that contains addictive drugs.

It has side effects

There is no evidence of nebulizer causing any side effects. Since the medicine directly reaches the lungs, the chances of side effects decrease as unlike oral medicines, the dose does not disperse through the body before reaching lungs

It can only be used for asthmatics

While it is a great option for asthmatics, the usage of nebulizers is not restricted to only them. It also relieves congestion, wheezing and many other chronic respiratory problems.

Gives a higher dose

On the contrary, nebulization requires less dosage than oral medicines as the mist directly reaches the lungs.

The medicines take more time to show the effect

The truth is, it may give instant relief since the medicine reaches directly to the lugs. Tablets and syrups may take longer to show the effect

Here are some common myths about nebulization and the truth behind that. If the doctor is recommending the usage, you can trust his call without giving it any second thoughts.

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