Damaging Parenting Behaviours

Aug 23 , 2021

As parents, we always try to secure and do what is best for our kid’s future. We all want our kids to succeed in life. But, many a time unknowingly, our behaviour damages our child’s growth and our activities can also take their development in opposite direction. So today we tell you about few damaging parenting behaviours every parent should stop doing:

Parent and kid

Not allowing child experience ‘risk’

It feels like everybody nowadays has taken the “safety first” rule a bit too seriously. We as parents take full care of our child’s safety and make sure they are away from any kind of risk. But, being careful is one thing and being extremely overprotective is something else. It is okay if your kid returns with a scraped knee or few bruises and it’s not necessary that you follow him the next time to the playground! Helicopter parenting wouldn’t allow a kid to learn from experiences.

Rescuing too quickly

Overindulging the child by assisting in every next step is also where we all are going wrong. The child should know the consequences of their action and it is important to let them face problems. Failure and wrong decisions allow one to learn many things. We as parents cannot be around for their whole life and every time to help out. It is their hardships and obstacles and they would help them learn. Thus not rescuing quickly will make your child competent in future.

Raving about every move they make

Instead of rewarding with comforting words and making them feel that they are the winners when actually are not is a very bad habit to inculcate! Approving and praising every deed can make the child feel he is a winner in life. I is unfair to your child. Make them accept that they can’t be winners every time and saying no to their desires is also normal.

Not sharing past mistakes

Sharing relevant mistakes with kids about what you did when you were of their age helps them learn and make good choices. They get to know that it’s okay if one does mistakes as everybody has faced the same situation. We all learn from mistakes and nothing can be a better lesson than learning from it.

Not practising what preached

Every parent teaches their child to be a person who is accountable and independent. Many times what we teach is not the reality about ourselves, so firstly bringing in practice what we teach to the kids on our own is important.

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