Diaper Hygiene Rules for New Parents

Jun 10 , 2021

A newborn brings lots of joy and fun to the family as everyone loves to be round the baby. But being a new parent comes with a lot of responsibilities and taking care of the baby can be an exhausting task. As summer are going on, one thing that parents are most worried about is diaper rash. Being a mom, it feels really sad to see your baby cry due to discomfort. So here are some diaper hygiene rules that new parents must follow: 

  • Wash your hands before handling the baby 

Ensure that whenever you are holding the baby or going to change their diaper you wash your hands. Young babies are still building their immunity and are susceptible to infection.

  • Change diaper regularly

The most effective way to control a diaper rash is by managing the moisture. Clean the baby and change the diaper regularly as babies should not sit in wet or deity diapers. Especially during summers since a diaper might produce rashes and infections. 

  • Clean surface 

Carry some disposable changing mats or clean cloth with yourself when you change your little one’s diaper.Keep the place germ free and then change the diaper.

  • Clean and moisturize 

Make sure to clean the baby’s bottom with clean water. Let it dry and then moisturize as it helps to manage diaper rashes. You can also use a diaper rash cream for immediate relief.  

  • Choose the right diapers 

There are a lot of diaper brands available in the market and it is tough to choose the good one. Go for the one that is super absorbent, ensures protection from dampness and prevents rashes. Also choose the right diaper size for your baby, as the wrong size can be too tight or loose. You can even go for reusable cloth diapers.

  • Dispose diapers in the right way 

Dirty diapers must be cleaned and disposed of in the right way. Roll the diaper as tightly as possible into a ball and reseal the tapes to hold it. You can wrap the diaper in old newspaper and then dispose of it to avoid any spillage or odour. If possible dispose the potty in the pot before disposing the diaper.

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