Disadvantages of E-learning

Apr 26 , 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic students are now learning through E-classes. Schools have streamlined their e-learning process since going to school is not safe these days. While teenagers can adjust to this e-learning system but it’s difficult for preschoolers and younger kids to adjust to it. Asking kids to sit at one place and concentrate on the class through a laptop is a tough task. We asked a few parents and here is what they feel are the real disadvantages of E-learning for kids. 

  • Lack of concentration

For kids the biggest challenge of online learning is the struggle to focus on the screen for longer period of time. They easily get distracted by activities around the house. Therefore, it is important for the teachers to keep their online classes crisp, engaging, and interactive.

  • Lack of social life 

Kids used to meet their friend and teachers when they were going to school, but now there is a lack of social life and they don’t get to interact with their friends.

  • Lack of sports activities 

Now kids are not able to participate in sports activities. Virtual activities doesn’t provide them with real experience. Also there is no hands-on experience of sports for children. 

  • Excess exposure to screen time 

The most common disadvantage is too much of exposure to screens for children, which can affect their eyesight. This can further hamper their health. 

  • Teacher Training 

Online teaching requires teachers to have a basic understanding of using digital forms of learning. However, not every teacher has necessary resources, tools and skills to conducts online classes.

Practical knowledge

The kids are missing on the practicals that they would have done in the class.

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