Easy ways to relieve colic in babies

Easy Ways to Relieve Colic in Babies

Dec 21 , 2019

Many parents get really confused about colic so before finding out the solution to any problem you must know what exactly it is. A baby is considered colicky if he is younger than 5 months and cries continuously for more than three days a week. Although this situation does not have any serious long-term harm to your child’s health but it is a tough phase to handle for both parents and baby. So, here are the easiest ways to relieve colic in babies:


Swaddling means wrapping a baby in any cloth, but the best is blanket in such a case. Drape your baby tight so that he cannot move his legs and arm. Once he will be able to roll over on his own just take him out of it.

Burp on time

Easy ways to relieve colic in babies

Make sure you make your baby burp every time after the feeding is done. Babies are too sensitive so at times they cry because of the discomfort they get from gas pain.

Use a Pacifier

Little munchkins have a habit of sucking so to calm them down use a pacifier. This helps in controlling them and at times the baby also falls asleep.

Take for Ride

Babies easily go to sleep when they are in any kind of motion so take them out for a ride in the car, cradle them in a rocking chair, lay them in a vibrating infant seat or put them in the swing.


Even little ones love massage so it is the best way to relax the baby. Gently rub his legs and arms and in case of gas, massage the tummy in clockwise motion.

Soft Music

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Soft and soothing music distracts the child’s mind and results in lowering down the baby’s uncontrollable crying.

Warm Bath

Many people use warm water for aiding their problems. Similarly, give your little one a little medium temperature water bath because it will give him more comfort and will help in relieving the pain.

Go to the Doctor

 Easy ways to relieve colic in babies

This is the last stage when you should not think twice for taking your baby to the doctor. If you observe no improvement in your child’s condition just take him to the pediatrician.

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