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Experts Reveal: Being a Mama’s Boy is not wrong

May 10 , 2019

No doubt it is mostly said that daughters are close to fathers whereas boys are to the Mothers but, recently experts have revealed that being a Mama’s boy is not wrong as they are happier and more successful.

As boys grow up all the mothers are worried about them becoming mama’s boys’ in fear that it wouldn’t allow them to become strong, independent men one day. This fear arrives as most “mama’s boys” are seen as weak and emotional human beings.

However, every woman with a son should now relax and take a deep breath as the studies now show that becoming a mama’s boy is good for your child.

In 2012, a study conducted by Harvard University, known as The Grant Study, looked at personality changes through the years between individuals. And they found out that men whose relationships with their mothers were close not only performed better at work and school but also earned more money as a result. In addition, the study revealed that the men also managed to keep Alzheimer’s and dementia under control as they grew older.

The other study shows that boys who are not attached to their mothers are more aggressive and destructive. This happens because they form a fear of intimacy and betrayal as they could not control the feeling of the first woman in their life pushing them away.

 Another study stated that they found boys who were closer to their mothers were less likely to define masculinity as a matter of being tough, and self-reliant. These boys had less anxiety, depression and had better grades overall.

Hence, you should never feel afraid if your son is getting too attached to you because at last the positive effects they get from this bond is not the same in the case of fathers.

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