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Games that every 90’s kid remembers

May 25 , 2020

It is really sad to see how today’s kids don’t like to play outdoor games. Nowadays they are so busy on their mobile phones, computers and play stations that they don’t feel the need to play some other games. Being a 90’s kid I have raised playing fun card games, board games, and outdoor games. Playing was an important part of life for every 90’s kid. Now that we are grown up, we don’t play games, but they still rule our hearts. So lets go down the memory lane and reminisce some of the best games of 90’s

  • Pitthoo
  • Gully cricket
  • Hide and seek
  • Name place animal thing
  • Kancha
  • Kho Kho
  • Flames
  • Ice and water
  • Raja mantra chor sipahi
  • Musical chairs
  • Monopoly
  • Dog and the bone
  • Chain chain
  • Statue
  • Hipscotch
  • Tipi tipi tap

Are you feeling nostalgic?

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