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Go Plastic Free this Durga Asthmi: Gift ideas for Kanjak’s

Oct 04 , 2019

On the 8th day of Navaratri festival Kanjak day is celebrated in which little girls are worshipped as avatar of goddess Durga. Offering of choley, puri and halwa is given to these little kanjaks along with a gift. Usually these gifts are plastic plates, lunch boxes, glasses etc but this year go plastic free and to make it easy we bring you the list of non-plastic gift items

  • Coin purses

You will find cute little purses for kanjak in the market. This will also help them collect their kanjak money.

  • Stationery item

Since these little girls are school going so gift them something useful. Stationery items such as pouches, crayon sets, eraser sets or notebooks are a good option.

  • Games

Every girl love games, you can easily find some reasonable game sets in the market. You can buy Barbie sets, puzzles, crossword and other games.

  • Glass tumbler

Instead of plastic bottles give them stylish glass tumblers.

  • Snacks

You can add some snack items to the Prasad like chips, frooti, biscuits and fruits.

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