Health hazards of heaters in kid's room

Health hazards of heaters in kid’s room

Dec 23 , 2019

Kids especially newborns need utmost care during winters. Apart from layering them with clothes, many of us use a blower or a heater the room just to keep him warm. But have you ever thought that these blowers or room heaters can be harmful to the baby? Have a look at the following these side effects

· Their nasal passage can get dry

Health hazards of heaters in kid's room

Source: Newhealthguide

Using a blower or heater in baby’s room may dry up their nasal passage. This dryness can result in cracks in the soft and delicate skin inside the nose and then nosebleeds. Secondly, baby’s immune system is not strong enough and using a blower can prompt the bacterial interference in baby’s body, this can be worse if he has a cold or flu.

· Skin burns

Leaving your baby alone in the room with heater can be quite risky. They might reach near the machine and put their hand on it. Thus, keeping blower or heater in baby’s room can be a bad idea.

· Room might become too warm

Health hazards of heaters in kid's room

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The room can become too warm by the use of heater and this may hamper the respiratory system of the baby. More than that, babies have soft skin and high temperature can lead to redness and rashes.

· Fluctuations in the temperature

When we sit in blowers the room temperature doesn’t match the outside temperature. So once you take the baby out of the room, your baby’s body will go through intense warmth and coldness in the day. Babies can become overheated easily and in the winter babies are more at risk of SIDS.

So, think before you keep a blower or heater in your baby’s room.

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