Here is How to Tell Your Children About Good and Bad touch

Sep 15 , 2020

Having a conversation about good and bad touch with your children can be difficult as it is a sensitive topic but worth addressing as sexual abuse is real and traumatizes young children. It is best if they can understand inappropriate behavior from a young age and also makes it easier for parents to take necessary action in time.

Here is how you can have a conversation with your children addressing this topic :

Tell them they can decide who can touch them

It is important for young children to have ownership of their bodies and that they can tell others not to touch body parts they don’t like to be touched. They can ask people not to hug, kiss or come close to them if they don’t feel comfortable.

Help them understand their anatomy

Use the right names for their body parts as it not only gives them knowledge but also feeds their curiosity in the right way.

Have a light conversation

Try to keep the tone as normal as possible and make them feel comfortable. There is also no need to have a proper sit-down session if your child does not feel like it. You can help them understand the difference between good and bad touch by mentioning it in your day to day conversation as well.

Tell them they are allowed to say NO

Children often do not realize that they have total control over their bodies. Help them understand that they can say no to their peers as well as adults if they don’t like being touched a certain way.

Take the help of pictures and textbooks

There are many textbooks that you can pick for reference. Use books that describe the anatomy of the human body if that helps.

Here are some ways through which you can explain the good and bad touch to children. Keep the line of communication open and make your children understand that they can openly discuss this topic at home and it can be their safe place.

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