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Home Remedies for Nasal Allergies

Sep 07 , 2020

Allergies are tough to  handle and for kids it’s even worse as stuffy nose and itchy eyes can be annoying. In order to ease this discomfort there are many medicines but with some simple home remedies parents can also help in easing this allergy. As the ability to fight nasal allergies is all about strong immunity so here are few foods that can help preventing and curing


This fruit is a good carrier of vitamin C and flavanoids, including quercetin that is useful to fight against allergies especially  nasal. It is advised to provide it to children after peeling and grating so that there is no chance of choking. Mothers can also bake them until it is softened.


This veggie too is blessed with an antioxidant quercetin which is beneficial for treating nasal allergies.


Apple cider vinegar is always been known as an age old immune boosting and allergy fighting remedy. It has been used as an ailment for many allergies and especially for issues like nasal problems, it is advised to drink it by mixing a tablespoon of it in 8 ounces of water.

Nasal Allergies


H2O is always said to do wonders. As blowing and sneezing dries out kids, it’s important to keep them hydrated. Not only drinking water helps but the steam bath can also clear out the kid’s nose.


As berries contain Vitamin C and flavanoids, it’s said that they have the possibility to mitigate some of the histamine response for allergies in children. It was also stated by Elena Klimenko, M.D., a specialist in integrative medicine in New York City, that three to four berries once or twice a day keeps the possibilities of nasal allergies away.


The thought behind it is that bees collect pollen and pollen is behind allergies, so if you eat honey regularly the body might get used to the allergen and not make the [allergy] response.

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