Home Rules to Apply to Teens

Aug 08 , 2021

Parenting in itself is a difficult task but it is even more challenging with teenagers. As your innocent children start developing ideas and thoughts of their own, as parents it is your responsibility to show them the right direction. Teenage is a tender age period where kids develop new emotions and thoughts during so is it is important for you to set some rules and make them abide by those. We tell you some strong yet smooth rules for your teenage kid:

  • Set a time limit 

Teenagers prefer returning home late at night, but this is not good for them so you need to set a reasonable time limit for them by when they must come back home. 

  • Honesty 

Teach your kids, to be honest and tell them that lying is unacceptable. They need to be truthful with you every time. This means they must tell you details about everything. Honesty is a trait that kids get from their parents so make sure you and your spouse set a good example for them. 

  • Use of gadgets 

Digital devices can be very addictive. Place rules on their usage that might prevent your child from getting addicted to a cell phone or a laptop. Restrict the use of mobile phones to a specific time only. Tell them not to use cellphones at the dinner table, also impose rules on their social media usage. 

  • Respect 

Teenagers often need rules that encourage them to treat others respectfully. Set rules about gossiping, bullying, and not talking behind the back. Physical or verbal abuse, including punching, kicking, screaming, or yelling at someone, is disrespectful. Tell them to be polite to everyone. 

  • Information rules 

This is a difficult rule to impose on children as they feel grown up and want to make their own decision. But you need to set some rules, if they are planning an outing with friends, they need to inform you. They must inform you about their whereabouts and in case of a trip ask them for all details. 

  • Work 

They need rules that make sure that they get their work done. This includes homework, chores, and other things. Set a time before which they need to finish their homework.

  • Self-discipline 

Self-discipline is important for teenagers so that they can be independent. Make some rules that give them some freedom and allow for natural consequences as well. 

  • Controlling emotions 

Learning how to regulate emotions is important for your child. Teenagers are emotionally vulnerable and need guidance on how to manage their overwhelming feelings. Make rules that you can help them manage emotions like anger, jealousy, and fear. Tell them shouting and screaming is not an appropriate expression.

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