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Household Work That You Can Teach Your Kids in Quarantine

Jun 29 , 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic is spreading, people are putting themselves into quarantine and are practicing social distancing. With school being closed for such a long period, parents must be thinking about how to utilize these holidays. Well you can teach home household work to your kids during this time. This way they will learn something new and you will be making the right use of the idle time. So, here is the list of household work that you can teach your kids in quarantine:

•    Cooking

While you are in the kitchen making food, you can take help from your kids. They can get you stuff that you need, or you can teach them to chop vegetables as well.

•    Dusting

You can teach kids how to cleans the house.Give them small places to dust and ask them to wash their hands afterward.

•    Washing utensils

While you are washing utensils, you can ask your kids to help you with that. They can also help you set up the utensils after washing.

•    Folding clothes

Till now you must be setting up your kid’s wardrobe. This is the perfect time to teach them how to fold clothes. They can help you fold small clothes such as socks, handkerchiefs, vests, t-shirts and other small ones. They will feel involved and develop the habit of folding clothes.

•    Watering plants

A lot of kids love water and if your munchkin is one of them, get him to work. Teach them how to water plants cleanly.

•    Clean table after meals

The cleaning table after the meal is one of the easiest chores. Ask your kids to clean the table after mealtime while you are taking back the cookware to the kitchen. Give them a clean cloth to wipe the table. 

•    Organizing their toys

Use this time and make the kids sort their toys. Ask them to keep only those toys in their room which they want to play with and rest in the storage.

Kids will learn the importance of teamwork by doing household work and they will learn new things as well.

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