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How Project-Based Learning Can Help Children

Aug 26 , 2021

We all remember receiving summer projects from schools and while we used to hate them then but those projects were one of the best ways to develop our learning skills. A lot of learning happens outside the classroom and the methods can play a pivotal role in determining the effect of teaching. One such method is project-based learning which takes more than one learning aspect into account as students get to develop their research skills, learn teamwork and even think outside the box.  But besides this there are some other benefits of project-based learning that you should know about. 

Develops critical thinking 

Most of the classroom learning is based on memorizing things and while taking part in projects help in retaining concepts and helps children understand the real-life use of the chapters being taught in school. 

Students think independently 

Teaching children creates a kind of dependency on teachers where they guide pupils and are present to solve any problems. When paired with project-based learning, students also learn to take charge of situations and that instils confidence.

Promotes well-rounded learning 

Real-life problems/ projects are a great way to be in touch with reality and students find it fascinating to relate their textbook learning with practical projects. They also learn how to be a teammate, time management and even how to lead a team. 

Highlights individual strength 

When children get to take on projects, they learn what they enjoy doing the most and that helps with a better understanding of self. This way, they learn to make informed decisions. 

The right mix of practical and factual learning is the key to a child’s overall development. 

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