Baby Proof the house

How To Baby Proof The House

Mar 14 , 2018

Once the baby starts crawling they start pulling up, too, which means counters and other surfaces are no longer out of reach. They are curious to open the drawers and take out the stuff from them and at times this curiosity leads to accidents too. So it is very important to baby proof the house so that the the little one can happily crawl around the house. Read on to know how to do it

Cover pointed edges: Cover all the pointed edges like table corners, bookshelves etc with protective padding.
Out of reach: Keep medicines , toiletries or other chemical containing products at a height so that kids are unable to touch or play with them. Keep knives, breakables, heavy pots, and other dangerous items locked up or out of reach.

Keep the window and doors locked: Try to keep the windows and doors locked properly. Secondly make sure that there is no furniture around on which the baby can climb and open the locks.

Remove small knick knacks: Keep all expensive crystal show pieces, vases and other decorative items on higher shelves or store room. Move plants off the floor too.

Wires: Don’t keep the wires dangling. Loop them over the top of the door or tuck them properly at a height.

Electricals: Put safety plugs or outlet covers over unused outlets or block with furniture.

Other safety tips
Don’t leave babies unattended.
Don’t use tablecloths or place mats as babies can pull them.
Use doorstops and door holders to protect babies’ fingers.
Don’t leave mouse or insect traps in places where your baby can find them.
Check the floor for small objects that a baby could swallow:  pins, nails, buttons and coin.
Make sure there is no way your baby might accidentally lock themselves in the bathroom

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