How to Calm Irritable Babies

Jan 12 , 2021

Babies cry for many reasons and it can be difficult for parents to understand that initially. From wanting to burp or asking for a diaper change, babies may make a fuss over a lot of reasons. It is important to stay calm when this happens and how you can take care of babies who are inconsolable at times. 

White noise soothing 

Some babies calm down once they hear the soothing sound of rhythmic whooshing. This may remind them of the womb and can help them relax. 

Wash their tears

If your baby is crying continuously then fill up a tub with warm water and gently wash away their tears. You can also add a few drops of essential oils like lavender as that will help them feel better. 

Give a gentle massage 

This can be very soothing for your little one. Take some oil or lotion of your choice that is safe for the babies and rub it gently but firmly on their chest, back, tummy, and legs. 

Try colic carry 

Sometimes the babies need a little pressure on the tummy that helps relieve gas and may stop their inconsolable crying. This method is known as colic carry. You can ask an experienced one to demonstrate this technique to you. 

Swaddle the baby 

Wrap a receiving blanket around your baby as it gives them womb-like feeling and warmth. This helps them settle and even helps to put them to sleep.  

Help them suck on a pacifier 

 Non-nutritive sucking can stop your baby from crying and they can soothe themselves. You can also help them find their thumb to suck on if you don’t have a pacifier around. 

Here are some tips to calm down irritable babies. After some time, you will be able to identify why they are crying and also what helps them calm down. You can also consult a doctor if you think your baby is experiencing some trouble. 

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