How to Detect Hearing Loss in Early Years

Jul 14 , 2020

It takes a while for a child to develop listening and language skills but if you think that your child isn’t responding to you in the way they should, it may be a sign of hearing loss which can also affect their speech.

A child may get diagnosed with a hearing problem if he or she is not responding to a certain volume. If the doctor suspects hearing loss then a screening test is done. Some children may also show signs of mild hearing loss which is sound below 25-40 dB.

Hearing loss is common in kids and the severity may differ so it is important to keep an eye on the signs. Here are some signs that may indicate a hearing loss.

Not smiling or responding when being spoken to

Not turning head towards sounds they are familiar with

Not understanding basic gestures and hand motions

Not responding to your voice

Having trouble understanding basic requests

Not responding when their name is being called out

Doesn’t react on loud sound

Not being able to understand simple words

Not being able to follow basic commands

These are some common signs that may indicate a hearing loss. There are many reasons why children may not be able to hear properly. If you suspect any problem with their hearing and speech, consult with a doctor.

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