How to Engage Children in Making Jhakis

Aug 30 , 2021

Janamashtami is the birthday of Lord Krishna and is celebrated with great pomp and show. During our childhood days  we use to create a jhanki outside our home every year and  all the kids would start planning about the jhanki days before the festivals. We used to work hard to make beautiful Jhankis so that people would visit it as it was just our way of celebrating the festival. Now when we have grown up, it is time to help our kids in such activities and make the festival more fun for them. Check out some ways to help children make a wonderful Janamashtami jhanki:

  • Help them in planning

Be a helping hand to your kid, tell them how to plan things to make Jhanki.  Give them some decorations ideas like light décor, village decor or flower décor. You can also suggest to re-create Vrindavan to welcome Lord Krishna. They can make decorations with flowers, statues of cows, colorful fairy lights, peacock, and small houses.

  • Buy stuff with them

Go to the market and buy decoration stuff for them. Also, do not forget to buy Radha Krishna clothes as they are important elements of the decorations. You can dress up your kid as Lord Krishna or get a beautiful idol from the market. You can buy diya, candles, clothes, toys, and curd handi.

Source Askideas

Source Askideas

  • Choose a beautiful cradle for their jhanki

At the time of Janmashtami markets are filled with a lot of jhula for Lord Krishna, help your child choose a beautiful one or you could make one for them at home using fabric, lace, beads and other material. Just make sure it is well decorated  as the cradle is the center attraction.

  • Help them set up the jhanki

Children always need guidance so help them in setting up the jhanki. When they have collected everything, help them execute their imagination.

  • Butter pot decorations

Janmashtami celebrations are incomplete without the dahi handi task, because Lord Krishna is known as “Makhan Chor”. You can ask your kids to decorate curd pots and hang them above their jhanki.

  • Prepare Prasad for them

In Janmashtami, the special Prasad of Dhaniya panjiri is served. Make it for your kid so that anyone who visits the Jhanki can get the Prasad.

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