Help Your Kid Learn from their Mistakes

May 18 , 2021

Kids make mistakes often but as parents it is our duty to make them learn from their mistakes. But most parents don’t do this and instead punish them. Learning from mistakes and errors is an important part of child development and so you should talk to them about your mistakes too. Doing so on a regular basis teaches children that mistakes are something to learn from rather than hiding. So, here are some ways to help your child learn from their mistakes: 

  • Accepting mistakes is normal 

Tell your children that everyone makes mistakes and you don’t expect them to be perfect. So it’s okay to make mistakes. 

  • Talk about mistakes 

Tell them it is okay to talk about mistakes and lessons learned from them. Share that everyone makes mistakes and learns from them as they are a great way to learn and improve. 

  • Allow them time to calm down

Give some time to your child before discussing the mistake. This will allow them time to think about it on their own. Listen to them first, and give them space to get over it. 

  • Explain the problem 

Tell them that there is an issue and it needs to be corrected. Help them in correcting their mistakes. 

  • Help them with solutions 

Ask them to look for a solution to their problems or sit with them them and help them find a solution to the mistake that they have made. Tell how to fix it or say sorry.

  • Forgive and forget

Once your kid has apologised and talks about the lessons they have learned, it is important to forgive them. 

  • Share a mistake

Kids can be upset after making a mistake so to help them feel better, share your experience with them. Share what happened and how you learned and handled it. 

  • Ask what they have learned 

Ask them what they have learned from the mistake, or suggest them what they can do next time. 

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