How to Improve the Handwriting of Teenagers

Sep 14 , 2021

We know school classes are digital these days, but still good handwriting plays an important role in the education system. Many teenagers have bad handwriting and they are constantly looking for ways to improve it. Bad, messy handwriting often affects school work and grades. So to help you in improving your handwriting, here are some ways

  • Check grip

The right pencil grip plays a great role in developing good handwriting. The correct way to hold the pencil is, that the thumb, index finger, and middle finger together form the dynamic tripod grip. 

  • Correct posture 

Check your child’s posture when they are writing something. Their back should be straight; the feet should be well supported; the hips, knees, and ankles should be inclined at an angle of 90 degrees. The table and paper height should be approximately waist height.

  • Use handwriting worksheets 

You can use cursive writing worksheets to improve your child’s handwriting. These sheets will help in building their confidence, improve their penmanship, and help them write legibly. You can also use lined papers, they help in maintaining consistent letter size and make sure that your child writes in a straight line. 

  • Practice everyday 

Practice makes a man perfect, this quote fits here. Teach your teen to do some handwriting practice every day. Sit with them and make sure they do at least one worksheet every day. 

  • Strengthen their hand muscles

While writing we use the muscles of the hands, fingers, palm, stamina for writing and prevent the muscles from getting fatigued too soon and wrist while writing. So ensure that you strengthen their muscles as it increases the stamina for writing and prevents the muscles from getting fatigued. 

Do these things to improve your teenager’s handwriting skills. 

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