How to Increase your Baby’s Attention Span

Jul 12 , 2021

It is important to encourage habits in children that helps them improve their attention span and memory. This results in increased concentration, focus and improved learning skills. So we tell you some ways to improve your child’s attention span. 

More uninterrupted time 

Babies do not need constant stimulation or entertainment to keep them engaged. Their senses keep them engaged in their surroundings and they learn to occupy themselves naturally. 

Avoid TV in the early years 

The child’s developing attention can be hindered by TV and videos. Watching TV keeps the child from flexing its focus muscle, resulting in decreased attention span. Avoid keeping your child entertained with the help of television in their first 2 years. 

Allow them to make choices 

Avoid directing children to the environment that you have set up for them, instead, let them choose their safe place. It will dramatically improve their focus and help them concentrate on the activities of their choice. 

Help establish a safe space 

Create a safe and protected space for your children so that they can spend time playing with toys and objects without interruption. Bassinet and cribs are great options. 

Don’t try to distract them 

While trying to spend time with your baby, pay attention to them instead of distracting them with toys. Try to include them in activities instead of simply diverting their attention. 

Taking care of these things since the beginning can improve concentration in their growing years effectively. 

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