How to Make Janmashtami Memorable for Your Kids

Aug 23 , 2019

Everyone wants to celebrate Janmashtami with full of enthusiasm. However to make the kids also enjoy Krishna’s birthday you have to put in some special efforts. So, here are few ideas you can follow and make your kids Janmashtami memorable:

Throw a small party


Call your kids friends with their mothers and organise a small party so, that your children enjoy and also know that it’s on the occasion of Lord Krishna’s birthday. Keep some good games related to makkhan and handi, apart from this. Keep Krishna’s favourite food in the menu.

Story Telling


Narrate the entire God Krishna’s tale to them in a creative way that they love listening to it and also show interest.

Watch Movies


There are many good animated movies made on Krishna and kids love watching such things so nothing better than watching them on the day of Janmashtami. Sit with them and explain them each scene to make them understand better.

Prepare a Play


Organise a small function in your society and prepare a small play for kids. Allot different characters to everyone and give them short dialogues to say. Make them wear clothes according to their roles.

Make Jhankis


Make attractive jhankis with your children, set up a swing for Nandlala or a throne. Dress up your children as Krishna and make them dance on krishna bhajans.

Decorate puja room


Kids love getting involved into creative things and also like vibrant colors therefore, ask them to help you in decorating the puja room for Janmashtami. Bring flowers, jewelry and jasmine garlands to enhance the beauty of Lord Krishna’s idol.

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