How to Prepare Kids for the Post-COVID-19 World

Oct 06 , 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our schedules and while we are struggling to adjust to our new life, so are children. Most people are not as careful around children as they are around adults. According to the stats and patterns, the recovery rate in children is high but they are capable of transmitting the virus and be the carriers. They can also be infected but it won’t get noticed till much later.

Most adults haven’t been able to help children understand how to take care of themselves in this post-lockdown world and this might be troublesome. There are some things to keep in mind and some important tips that can prepare young children to take care of themselves when they step out or even while staying at home.

Here are some tips for children and their parents:

  • Explain to young children that hugging is not the best way to greet people these days. It might be a habit so help them understand why.
  • Make sure that you spend enough time with your children even while working from home.
  • Plan a schedule for your children and help them stay active during this time. If they haven’t been able to play with their friends, make sure they stay active on most days.
  • Children may not follow social distancing rules around peers but explain to them how this habit can keep them safe.
  • Most parents don’t make their children wear masks thinking they are too young for that. No one is too young to be safe. If your child is above the age of two, buy them a mask.
  • Staying at home, when the classes are also being conducted online can increase your child’s screen time so help them manage that.

Here are some tips to prepare your children for the post-coronavirus world. Since it has been a while children have stepped out of the house, these tips will help them adjust to the new routine.

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