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How to Reduce Ear Piercing Paining

Aug 16 , 2021

When you get your kids ears pierced there are chances that they might suffer from pain later. The earlobe piercing usually doesn’t hurt much, but if asked precautions are not taken then the pain can continue for a few days. This pain can be irritating and might turn into an infection as well. But don’t worry as it can be treated at home. Check out some ways to reduce the pain of ear piercing:

  • Medicine

The pain can stay for two or more weeks so rather than making them suffer throughout the healing process, give them a painkiller.

  • Don’t touch it

You might feel like touching and moving the piercing but you should not. It is a myth that you need to move your piercing instead you must not touch it until it heals properly. Touching the piercing will hurt the area that is already soft.

Source Body Piercing Magazine

Source Body Piercing Magazine

  • Don’t put pressure on ears

Avoid  making them sleep on the pierced side as it can worsen the pain because applying too much pressure on the piercing can worsen it.  Also anything that creates friction might increase the pain.

  • Apply ice

Applying ice to the affected area will soothe the pain and it will reduce swelling as well. Do not leave the ice on for more than 10 minutes at a time.

  • Don’t clean it too much

Source Stories of Silver Silk

Source Stories of Silver Silk

If you are cleaning the area again and again then stop doing it. By cleaning it multiple times the skin will dry out and dry skin becomes tight and irritated which might increase the pain.

Not to Tight

Make sure the earring is not too tight. Do not remove the first pair of earrings until at least six weeks have passed.


#Redness, swelling, or drainage, or any pain, itching, or tenderness are signs you should contact your doctor to determine if it’s an infection or a possible allergy

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