How to Safely Clean Baby’s Ear Safely

Mar 01 , 2021

It’s important to keep your baby’s ears clean but you have to do it safely. There are various ways and tools out there to get baby’s ears clean. The key is finding the best one that works for you and baby but cleaning isn’t as easy as you may think. So here are some safe ways to clean your baby’s ear: 

What is earwax?

Earwax is something all of our bodies make naturally, even babies’ bodies. Glands in the ear produce earwax to trap dirt and other things that could harm the ear. Earwax usually builds up, dries out, and moves to the outer ear where it falls out. But when earwax builds up faster than the baby’s body things like ear aches, itching and even hearing problems can occur so cleaning it becomes important.

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Baby Ears

  • Don’s use a cotton swab, you should never stick anything in baby’s eardrum as a way to get rid of wax. 
  • Don’t use your finger to do that either. 
  • You can use baby earwax drops if it becomes a serious issue. 

How to clean it using a washcloth: 

  • Dip a washcloth in warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot.
  • Next, drain out the extra water. 
  • Gently rub the washcloth around the outer ear to pick up any wax build-up there.
  • Never put the washcloth inside the baby’s ear. 

How to clean it using baby ear drops:

Use it only when a pediatrician says it’s a good way to clean baby ears, get the prescribed ear drops only. 

  • Earwax removal drops for infants should only be administered when the baby is calm.
  • Rub the bottle between your hands to warm it up.
  • Fill the dropper 
  • Place the dropper above the ear canal.
  • Put the liquid into the ear one drop at a time 
  • Try to keep the baby lying still for five minutes to make sure the drops get into the ear canal.

Just be extra careful while cleaning your baby’s ear. 

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