How to Talk to your Kid about Covid-19

Apr 09 , 2021

Looks like this pandemic is not going to get over anytime soon. As India battles with the second wave of coronavirus, it is said to be dangerous for kids as well. Earlier, it was believed that kids were safe from the virus but this is not the case now. As schools and institutions reopened in some parts of the country many kids got affected. So it is important to talk to your kids about coronavirus and here are some ways to do so

  • Make them feel safe

We are battling two enemies here: One is COVID-19 and the other is the anxiety about COVID-19. Kids are particularly susceptible to get anxious about it so reassure children that this is temporary and that they, and their loved ones are going to be just fine.

  • Ask them to share their worries 

It’s natural for kids to worry, “Could I be next? Could that happen to me?” ask them to share their queries with you and turn them into discussion. Let them know that they can always come to you for answers. 

  • Tell them facts 

Children need simple, honest answers as too much information can create anxiety so give them required facts only. Explain them why they should stay indoors.

  • Tell them how to protect themselves 

Tell them that they should wear masks, maintain distance and sanitize their hands. Tell them that these precautions will help them fight coronavirus. 

  • Offer reassurance

Children might get affected by seeing some troubling images on TV or online so help them cope up with stress by making them relax. 

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