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How to Tell your Daughter about Puberty

May 28 , 2021

It feels like it was yesterday you were reading “Cinderella” to your princess and with a blink of an eye she has started growing into a woman. A daughter grows up so fast and gets mature that you need to tell her some important things. When she hits the stage of puberty you need to speak to her about the emotional and physical changes that she will experience. As a parent, it is your duty to tell and teach her about menstruation, listen to her concerns and make open and clear communication.

When is the right time?

If she shows some interest in these topics then it is a great time to start the conversation. If she is 8 or older then she must be experiencing some physical changes and  if you feel her behavior is changing then it is the right time.

How to talk?

Here are some tips:

Source Woman's Day

Source Woman’s Day

  • Start the talk early

You must prepare her for body changes, by the time she is 8 she should know about the physical changes linked to puberty. Start the conversation by telling her how puberty was like for you.

  • Teach her about menstruation before she gets her first period

Most girls get their period at the age of 12, while few gets them as early as 9 or late as age 16 but its better to tell  her in advance.

  • Do small conversations

Source modibodi

Source modibodi

It can be difficult for a young girl to have a big talk about such a topic so try to have small conversations on different topics. Pick topics like: how does cycle work? Body changes? Reasons for the menstrual cycle.

  • Talk positive

It is essential to create a positive picture of menstruation so your daughter doesn’t get sacred at the starting. If you refer period in a negative way then she might think the same so tell her that it is a natural experience and all women go through it.

  • Answer the follow-up questions

Tell your daughter that you are always there to clear her worries and questions. If she has questions about this topic, answer them clearly and don’t share any wrong information or myths about it.

Remember it is important to talk about puberty and the feeling associated with it.

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