Hygiene Rules to Follow With a Newborn

May 13 , 2020

It is very important for new mothers to know that your baby’s immune system is developing and is not strong enough to fight disease, which is why it is essential to maintain hygiene around them. Hygiene habits play a crucial role to boost your baby’s overall health and well-being. There is no doubt that looking after a baby is not an easy task as you have to be careful about handling your bundle of joys. And in the series of taking care the first thing to look after is personal cleaning so we bring to you a checklist for some must follow hygiene rules:

  • Sterilize all toys

A child is born with the tendency to put everything in the mouth, therefore, it becomes your responsibility to sterilize and wash all their toys every alternative day.

  • Keep your baby’s nose clean

You must regularly clean the dried mucous deposit in your baby’s nose gently. Use a soft cloth to do so.

  • Trim the fingernails timely

Source Yahoo

Source Yahoo

If your child has dirty nails then there are chances that germs can enter your baby’s body and cause illness. So always try to keep your child’s fingernails well-trimmed and clean. The baby can even hurt himself with long and sharp fingernails.

  • Clean your baby’s ear

Cleaning your baby’s ear is important to protect him from getting an ear infection. Never insert cotton buds in his ears and always use a gentle cloth to clean it.

  • Keep your home clean

In order to protect your child from infection, keep your home clean and sanitize the areas that your baby uses the most.

  • Remove dirt from eyes

Bath brings out any dirt in the eyes, use a soft muslin cloth to clean it. To prevent them from any kind of eye infection make sure you clean their eyes daily.

Clean baby bottles/pexel

Clean baby bottles/pexel

  • Keep their milk bottles clean

The feeding bottles of your child should be of excellent quality. Sterilizing or boiling milk bottle before every feed is something you should never skip.

  • Bath toys

The bath toys that your kid uses, especially the one that squirts water should be kept in sun cleaned with a brush every few weeks . Try to replace them every six months.

Happy parenting!

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