Kitchenware to Keep Away from Children to Avoid Cancer

Jan 02 , 2020

Toxic substances and chemicals are known to contain carcinogens that are not good for your health. But the truth is that these substances may be found most abundantly in your kitchen.

As kitchenware is supposed to be tough, durable and should keep food fresh for longer many hard plastics were introduced and people quickly adapted. Studies later revealed that it may not be the best choice and using these items can have threatening effects on yours as well as your children’s life.

While some materials used in manufacturing kitchenware were cleared, others couldn’t and it is important to know which kitchenware is okay to skip. So here are some kitchenwares you should keep away from children if you want to avoid the risk of cancer.

Bisphenol and Phthalates containers

These chemicals are found in hard plastics used to make containers, utensils, and bottles. These substances are considered as toxins and you should avoid purchasing kitchenware made using these chemicals.

Plastic Bottles

This is the most easily available kitchenware and hence we love to keep a few plastic bottles handy.  However, this may not be the best choice as we know that plastic bottles shouldn’t be used to store beverages. Glass bottles are a better choice.

Teflon coated utensils

The use of Teflon in the manufacturing of non-stick utensils was under question as it contains PFOA which is a suspected carcinogen. It is safe to use utensils that contain only Teflon so check carefully before making a purchase.

Soaps and cleaners

Cleaners and washing agents containing phthalates, parabens or sulfates should be avoided.  Keep them away from your children or better yet, replace them with homemade soaps or hand washes.

These are a few things you should keep away from your children. It is best to switch to kitchenware made of ceramic or glass. They will not only be suitable for your microwave needs but will also help you avoid the risk of getting exposed to carcinogens.

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