Lame excuses children make for not going to School

Lame Excuses Children Give to Skip School

Sep 30 , 2019

Not every kid loves going to school, though later it becomes a daily routine but in the initial stage, it’s hard for them to study every day. Each parent goes  through that phase when their children make silly and weird excuses for missing school. Today we list down some of the most common ones

My stomach is aching, “I can’t get up and walk.”!

Today is not an important day; my class teacher will be not coming to school.

I can’t find my math notebook and I can’t go without that.

I am not feeling well and need to rest. If I will go then you have to come and take me back in the lunch break.

Today is uniform checking and my shoes are really dirty. Ma’am will scold me badly.

I have done a lot of homework this week. I need to relax now otherwise I will not be able to concentrate in the class.

I want to study at home today, exams are nearby and I have to do a lot of preparations for it.

I lost my tie, without that I can’t attend school. We will buy it today and then I will go tomorrow.

Sports day practices are going on so no classes are being held. It’s better that instead of sitting under the sun I stay back home.

Grandma wants me to stay back with her and go along with her to the temple.


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