Medication Mistakes that parents do

Medication Mistakes that parents do

Sep 01 , 2020

 Every parent wants their kid to recover as soon as possible but at times doing hurry in such things can create problems for them. Parents play a role of doctor at home but forget few important things so, here are 5 mistakes they should avoid

1. Measuring with Kitchen Spoons

Medication Mistakes that parents do

It is very important for you to be responsible in terms of prescriptions; sometimes little mistakes cause big trouble. Measuring the dose of medicine with a kitchen spoon can create a problem for your kid as; too much medicine is harmful and might react. Every child is prescribed a particular amount of drugs according to his condition and weight.

2. Increase, decrease or stop the dose

Many parents at times change the quantity of the medicine to be takes on their own. Doing this is not right as every physician advice to complete the course of the drugs that are given to children. Improvement in health does not mean that you can stop giving the medication without consulting with the doctor.

3. Improperly stored

Medication Mistakes that parents do

This is one of the most common problems that almost every parent makes. You cannot take risk when it comes to health. Many medicines need to be stored in refrigerator so, always read and follow the label on it. It is not safe to give any syrup to children without checking it as at times due to improper storage kids also ingest it which is very dangerous.

4. Giving wrong medicine

Always keep a check on your medicine box, remove all the expired tablets from it and make sure that you read the label before giving it to your kid. Keep all the pills in separate container with their names written on it. If you have any confusion then you may go and ask pharmacist about the particular tablet that is it okay to give or not.

5. Giving doses on wrong time

Every medicine has a right time so; follow the prescription and instructions given by physician. Do not give doses one after other, if doctor has advised to give in breakfast and then in lunch so, do it accordingly. Giving drugs on wrong time and without taking a long gap in between can cause negative effect on the health of your child.

Always remember to not repeat these mistakes as it can result in severe consequences.

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