Baby teeth

Myths About Baby Teeth

Sep 06 , 2021

Many parents think that baby’s teeth doesn’t need any attention. Secondly parents have loads of misconception about their kid’s teeth, mostly because of lack of information. So, we bring you the facts every parent needs to know about their baby’s teeth that will dispel some common misconceptions, check it out:

Myth: Baby teeth are not that important

Fact: It is true that the baby’s primary teeth are temporary and will fall out. But they are important as they hold the teeth’s space until a permanent tooth grows. It is also as essential same as permanent teeth because it helps to chew and talk.

Myth: Teething makes the baby sick

Fact: We have always heard that teething in a kid causes sickness and especially fever. Some common teething symptoms are gum irritation, drooling and irritability. But as per studies, sickness isn’t related to teething.

Myth: Babies can’t get cavities

Fact: Teeth can always get a cavity. Though baby teeth fall out, it does not mean kid’s tooth decay is a temporary problem. If left untreated the cavity can cause the tooth to become infected. It was also found that children who had cavities in their baby teeth were more likely to develop it in their adult teeth as well.

Baby teeth

Myth: You don’t need to brush baby teeth regularly

Fact: Teeth whether its baby’s or adults should be brushed two times a day. Sugar and carbohydrates from foods can cause dental plaque that weakens the outermost layer of a tooth called tooth enamel. Therefore, tooth brushing is important for every age group of people.

Myth: Fluoride is dangerous

Fact: This is totally a myth as fluoride is not only safe for children but is also an important mineral for them. It is good for the enamel and is very effective in protecting it from decaying. Make sure your child drinks plenty of water and uses toothpaste containing fluoride. Enamel fluorosis does not affect the child’s teeth, therefore is not dangerous.

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