Natural Stomach Ache Remedies for Kids

Jul 13 , 2021

When kids have a stomach ache it is not only painful for the child but also for their parents. The reason for it can be many including infection and overeating so needs to be cured asap. There are many medicines for relieving it but my mother in law always insists for home remedies before opting medicines.  Today I am sharing some tried and tested natural stomach ache remedies you can try to help your child get relief from pain.



Asafetida, also known as Hing, has antispasmodic and antiflatulent properties that help treat stomach aches caused by gas or indigestion. Heat few drops of oil in a pan and add a small teaspoon of asafetida in it.Let it cool and rub this on your kid’s stomach.

A heating pad

Place a hot water bottle or heating pad on the child’s tummy as the heat from the bag increases the blood flow to the skin surface which further lowers pain in the abdomen.

Rub the Foot, Using Reflexology

Several nerves in the feet and hands when rubbed give a calming effect on certain areas of the body. Use reflexology technique by holding your child’s left feet with your right hand and your left hand under the ball of the foot to apply a steady, even pressure with the thumb. As the stomach region corresponds with the centre arch of the left foot, this technique helps.


It is effective when suffering stomach cramps. Yoghurt contains active bacteria that helps in getting digestion back to normal. It restores balance, allowing the body to take in nutrients. You can even go for a probiotic drink.

Mint and lemon

Both of these are natural soothers. Mint helps in relieving from pain and also in removing harmful bacteria from the digestive system. Lemon too helps to fight constipation, therefore is good for the stomach. You can make lemon water with mint leaves.

If you think its getting serious don’t hesitate to consult a doctor.

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