Personal Hygiene Habits Kids Should Learn

Jun 07 , 2021

Young children require supervision as they try to touch and play with everything that comes in their sight. They also are less likely to clean themselves after a muddy play session in the park and may also have some unhygienic tendencies that can cause infections. Babies and young children are dependent on parents to teach them basic hygiene habits that will not only keep them safe but also keep them away from infections. 

These habits should be incorporated into their lifestyle from a young age so that it is easier for them to follow and continue practicing them. Here are some basic hygiene habits that you can teach your children at home.

  • Educate your child about germ and bacteria and how they enter digestive tract thrush food and then explain why it is important for them to wash their hands before their meals. 
  • Ask your kids to segregate food and keep them only in the assigned containers every time they take something from the refrigerator. 
  • Teach your children to lather their hands properly while using soap for an effective wash. 
  • Ask them to clean their hands every time they come from the bathroom, playground, kitchen.
  • Tell your children to not touch strays as they may be carrying unknown germs and if they do, ask them to wash hands as soon as they come home. 
  • Tell children to cover their mouth with a handkerchief while coughing and sneezing. 
  • Teach your children about sleep hygiene as it greatly affects their schedule and has an indirect effect on their other habits. 
  • Help them make it a habit to brush their teeth twice a day. 
  • Tell your children to brush their teeth after having something sweet to avoid the formation of cavities. 
  • Teach them the correct way to use a toothbrush and dental floss. 
  • Teach them how to take a bath properly and how to clean their armpits, groin area, legs, and feet.
  • Tell your children to come to you if they feel like their head is itchy all the time 
  • Keep your children’s nail trimmed to avoid the accumulation of dirt. 
  • Teach them how to keep their footwear clean and wash their feet every time they come home after playing.

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