Pictures of Your Munchkin You Should Never Post

Jul 13 , 2020

No doubt almost every parent loves capturing and collecting their child’s adorable pictures but along with that you should also be cautious about some important things. There is no harm in gathering childhood memories but as social media has become so important in everyone’s life, you must keep these things noted.

Pictures while bathing

Never upload your child’s naked picture because it makes them feel embarrassed when they grow up and also risks their safety. You can never take down the picture permanently from the internet so it might go in the wrong hands or someone may morph it for an unethical purpose.

Shots while your kid is sick

Be it an adult or a small baby no one would like their pictures to be clicked when they are unwell. Apart from this, even the shots captured at the time your baby is sick do not look cute and attractive like usually they come.

Pictures which provoke bullying

In today’s time, almost everybody is on social media and at times this results in severe consequences. Even kids have an accounts and in that case any of your little one’s post which has his nickname, weird picture or anything that is not appropriate comes across them, they might tease your kid. So make sure you never post anything that becomes a reason for others to bully your child.

Controversial pictures

Nowadays’ anything which you may not have thought of becomes a controversial topic for others so, be very careful whenever you upload anything related to your kid. It’s okay when your child plays video games or use your phone at home but posting anything like this may trigger a major backlash and trolling.

Pictures disclosing location and identity

Most of the crimes take place because of the person’s location and identity so to avoid any such activity take precautions in advance, don’t share your child’s full name, home or school address, or live location online. Such information can be misused by mongers.

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