I am pro-feeding, over breast and formula milk

Why I am Pro-Feeding, Over Breast and Formula Milk

Dec 29 , 2017

As a new mother, we all wait to start the epic journey called breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not the easiest journey in the world but for me as a mother it was great. I will confess, I always wanted to formula feed because as a child that’s what my parents followed and the bottle of milk excited me. Plus as a first-time mom, initially, the idea of feeding my child sounded embarrassing. But as the months went by I became pro-breastfeeding over formula. In fact, I started to think that formula was evil. But then a part of me matured seeing women I knew struggle with anxiety and depression when they couldn’t feed.

Yes, breastfeeding is beautiful but forcing it down other women’s throats is not. Motherhood is about compassion and love, not a competition. Yes, there is a formula trap, the more you formula feed the lesser milk you would produce. But what you pick? A starving little baby whose mother is giving breastfeeding her best shot or a happily formula fed infant? Well, I would always pick happiness. A happy mother will make her child happy by keeping the environment beautiful.

I am pro-feeding, over breast and formula milk

Source – Glamour

The Internet has empowered us with knowledge but it has also given us this huge need to be arrogant. Every time a new mom picks up a bottle stop stating the facts people. Help her by holding the baby and perhaps you can gently help her try a shot at breastfeeding or going to a Lactation Consultant?

Yes, breast is best but formula is good too. After all, we want healthy happy babies!

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