Chalkboards in class

Reasons Why Chalkboards Are Important

Jun 28 , 2021

Though the technology and high visual interactive boards are slowly taking over chalkboards but the teaching with a chalkboard is still irreplaceable.The chalk board has many advantages both for the teacher and also the students.  Read on to know why they are still an important tool in teaching


Teaching effectiveness

It is easier to reach out to the students if teachers have a structured teaching format. Writing on a chalkboard makes it easier to control the pace of a lecture. Also encouraging students to write during lectures helps to remember what is being taught for a longer time.

Classroom management

There are many students who want lines to be repeated consecutively in an answer when it is dictated. This might help with that disruptive students as they get to see all on the board what is been taught. Chalkboard instruction assists classroom management.

Inexpensive teaching aid

The board and chalk used to write and teach is an inexpensive teaching aid and does not require much investment, unlike other smart classes.

Can also be used in open air or room teachings

This is because it is easy to carry and shift from one place to another. Lack of requirement of electrical power is also an advantage of chalkboards.

Student involvement

Making students participate in class makes teaching more enjoyable. Teachers can ask students to write on the board to display their understanding of what is been taught.

Easily adaptable to everyone

It is easily acceptable to everyone. Chalkboard is also easy to look at than other boards and is less stressful to eyes.

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