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Reasons Why Your Baby Wants to be Held All the Time

Jul 06 , 2021

The journey of parenthood can be a little overwhelming in the beginning as there is a lot that is learned with time. Parents love to hold babies in their arms and while putting them down for a nap, they start crying.Once in a while it’s fine but if it is becoming difficult for you to put them in their cradle or they refuse to leave your arms, you may want to understand why it is happening. 

There are several possibilities that our baby might be just hungry, cranky or sleepy but we tell you some others reasons for it

It is taking time for them to adjust to the external world 

Babies are used to the environment of the womb and they may expect a warm, dark and comfortable feeling. Being outside the womb may take a little time to get used to. 

They may be experiencing separation anxiety 

Some babies take some time to adjust to being away from their mothers. Being introduced to a new place may make them anxious, which may be why they want to stay in their mother’s arms. 

They may not be warm enough 

Babies have a natural tendency to feel warm. If they are not wrapped up nicely, this could be why they start crying after being put down for a nap. 

Now that we have understood what could be the reason, this is how you can comfort your baby:

  • Tweak their surroundings and make them feel more cosy, warm and snuggly. Stay with them until they fall asleep. 
  • Music has a positive impact on babies so play soft tunes to comfort your baby while spending time with them. 
  • Help them get used to staying away from you. Put them down and try to comfort them in their new position, stay close in case they start crying uncontrollably.
  • Ask people around you, including family members to not hold your baby constantly. 

These tips will help break this habit though it may take a little time for the baby to adjust to new changes so be patient. Also be considerate of your baby’s needs while doing it.

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