Remove stains from kids wear

Remove Stains from Kids Wear Like a Pro

Feb 23 , 2018

We all know kids get their clothes dirty quickly. The better the clothes look the quicker they get dirty! I think kids are attuned to knowing how much we love that new white tee and how much fun that blue marker would be on it!

Pee, poop, spit up or playing can make their clothes dirty. Stains are children’s best friends, wherever they go, they get some beautiful works of art called stains! As a mother I freak out every time my son makes those tees muddy, dirty or gets food on them. The longer the stain stays the more likely it is to be permanent. It is very important to drain out the stain immediately or at least pre-treat it. We as moms, find it very annoying to deal with these stubborn stains. But no worries, today I will be sharing some useful and tried and tested ways to remove different types of stains:

Food stain

Remove stains from kids wear

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If your kid’s garment is stained with baby food, then presoak the stained garment in cold water and liquid laundry detergent. Then wash it in the machine.

For chocolate and candies stains. Scrape off the chocolate as much as you can and dip the cloth in warm water with a prewash stain remover.

To remove juices, milk and sauce stains, soak the cloth in cold water for at least half an hour and apply white vinegar or stain remover. Then wash the fabric.


Remove stains from kids wear

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This is the most difficult one; it sticks to clothes and destroys them. To remove it freeze the gum, you can do this by rubbing an ice cube over it. After doing it remove the gum with a knife, apply glycerin to loosen it and rinse it off.

Paint Stains

Remove stains from kids wear

These types of stains are very common. To eliminate the oil-based paint use a thinner or you can pre-treat it by using prewash stain remover. Then wash it in the machine or get it dry clean. For the water base paint rinse the fabric in warm water before washing it.

Ink and markers

Remove stains from kids wear

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Kids play, draw and get ink stains. For removing pen ink and drawing inks from clothes, you can use solvents like alcohol, thinner, acetone etc. Protect the stain from spreading and use an eyedrop. Finally, wash and launder it.

Tannin Stains

Remove stains from kids wear

These stains are plant-based stains such as grass, coffee, and tea etc. You need to flush the stain right away if possible. After that, presoak the cloth with prewash and then launder it with safe bleach.

I hope these tricks will help you clean off your kid’s clothes.

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